Animal Communicator – Angel Morgan

Animal Communications is an ancient practice. It is a natural part of who we are, and we do it all the time. We may not recognize that we do it, but everyday we are connecting.

This form of communication enables us to go beyond the physical language we are accustomed to using with animals in order to deepen our relationship with them, ourselves, and the earth.

Animal speak is the ability to communicate with any species, and nature in general without words, through feel, heart centered language, images and connection to the deepest parts of those we are the voices for.

Angel’s love for animals began in childhood when she discovered her ability to communicate with all kinds of animal friends, from scaly reptiles to feathered birds and four-legged companions. As an animal psychic, she sees herself as an ambassador to the animal kingdom and finds it to be the most fulfilling aspect of her work.

Angel considers herself blessed to feel their energy and be able to understand their needs, wants, and desires, which she communicates to better their lives. As an animal intuitive, she believes it is crucial to reconnect humans with their animal counterparts, both as individual companions and as a vital part of the natural world. By learning from animals in jungles, forests, waters, and mountains, we allow ourselves to be taught by these loving creatures, making them our best teachers, guides, and friends.

In addition to her work as an animal psychic, Angel also shares her expertise as a writer for Opal Rising Magazine. Her monthly column, Angel’s Animal Corner, is a beloved feature of the publication, where she answers readers’ questions about their beloved pets and offers insights into their animal companions’ behaviour and needs.