Canine Emergency First Aid & CPR

Join us at Woofstock for an essential presentation on Canine Emergency First Aid & CPR, where we’ll equip you with life-saving skills to ensure your furry companions stay safe and sound. Learn the ABCs of Canine CPR: Airway, Breathing, and Circulation, and gain confidence in responding swiftly to emergencies. Our expert trainers will demonstrate step-by-step techniques, including how to administer chest compressions and rescue breathing. Remember, preparation is key—knowing how to handle emergencies can make all the difference in protecting your beloved pets. Don’t miss this educational session at Woofstock, because your pup’s safety is our top priority!

Zoran, with over 20 years in the canine field, is recognized as both a Canine Behaviour Expert, founder of Natural Leadership, Canine CPR and Emergency First Aid, and Advanced Canine Emergency First Aid Instructor with Canine Health Canada.  His approach goes beyond traditional training, focusing on compassionate care.  Shaping a dog’s behaviour through the owner’s habits validated by his professional membership with the International Association of Canine Professionals.  At the Calm and Balanced Canine Centre, which is Canine Health Canada “Certified Safe “is where he and his wife host Canine CPR and First Aid courses, canine learning programs, daycare learning and community outreach programs.