Behaviour & Obedience with SSH Canine Academy

Welcome to SSH Canine Academy, where every class is a tail-wagging adventure! Valerie, our passionate and knowledgeable trainer, is here to make training your dog a delightful experience.

At SSH Canine Academy, we believe a balanced approach that combines positive reinforcement with clear boundaries will allow you to reach new heights with your furry pal. Valerie’s cheerful personality and love for dogs ensures that training sessions are not only effective but fun and engaging for you and your pooch.

Whether you’re looking to work on obedience, tackle behavioral issues, or just want to strengthen the bond with your dog, Valerie has the expertise to help. With her guidance, you and your pup will embark on a wonderful journey to a harmonious life together.

Join us for a fun and educational segment with Valerie from SSH Canine Academy. During this event, she will be discussing the benefits of an e-collar and providing information about proper uses and debunking myths.