Fashion Show

We want YOU to be part of the 2024 Fashion Show

All you have to do is make sure your dog’s personality shines through.


Woofstock Main Stage

Saturday, June 22nd & Sunday, June 23rd

12:00 pm

Shih Tzu’s in silk. Chi-chi Chihuahuas. Jack Russels in jumpsuits. Fashion forward pooches of all sizes and pedigree put on the “dog”, showcasing the ultimate in canine couture. Your four footed fashionista could be sporting selections from the latest doggy fashion line, all available at Woofstock. Perhaps your pet has the dogged determination it takes to be Canada’s next top model. We will be scouting for new faces for this year’s show, so send us a photo of your dog along with a brief pitch as to why you think he or she has the qualities of a top model. Here’s a tip: bolting from the stage with the designer’s creations still on your back is not a good sign! Nor is sitting – or lying – down on the job.  If you’d like to join us for the 2019 fashion Show, please sign up below.

Which days are you planning to participate?