September 22, 2015

Purina Ask The Experts

by adam in Contest Events

Do you ever wish you had a pet expert on speed dial to ask them all your questions? We love the Purina panel of experts which includes a veterinarian, dog behaviourist, and groomer to answer audience questions.

Dr. Krista Nelson fulfilled her life-long dream when she graduated as a veterinarian from Guelph’s Ontario Veterinary College in 2000. Reach out to her for answers to your pet health questions, such as breed health issues, behaviour, managing sensitive skin and stomachs, organ system diseases, vaccination and reproduction. Krista works as a general practitioner in the Greater Toronto Area and has strong background in emergency medicine. Krista often appears in “ask the vet” sessions on Canadian TV shows including City TV’s Animal Housecalls and Rogers Toronto Speaks Pet Care.

Naomi teaches Puppy Kindergarten at Purina PawsWay. She has trained, shown and bred Leonbergers for many years, and is a Canadian Kennel Club member. Naomi believes in creating a relationship of mutual respect and friendship between dogs and people. Reach out for support on training dogs to be happy companions and advice on choosing a dog breed that will suit you best.

Mary is an experienced dog groomer, well versed in both practical clips” and highly sophisticated “breed clips.” Ask her about bathing techniques, coat care, brushing techniques, scissoring, clipper use and easy maintenance “tricks” for both dogs and cats. She currently helps run our K9 Basic Manners, Off Leash Safety Course, and Puppy Kindergarten at PawsWay.

Dean has worked at Purina for over seven years and is passionate about pets. He and his wife Alison have a lovely, 11-year-old Black Lab named Abby. Alison owns a dog-walking and in-home boarding business, and their house is a home-away-from-home for wonderful dogs of a variety of breeds all year round

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  1. Rob
    October 20, 2015 at 5:13 pm

    Purina makes different kinds of puppy food..what is the determining factor in selecting one over the others? I am a purina supporter and disappointed that they don’t do more to show the quality of their research based foods when compared to the Madison ave advertised dog foods that seem to connect with some people on basis of emotion and human diet. Thanks

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